Thursday, January 13, 2011

Here you go Tanya, My Birthday Cake Extravaganza...

A good friend and a really good artist told me to celebrate my birthday by painting something. Tanya is always hounding me to stop complaining and paint. So, early this morning I suggested painting me a birthday cake.

She responded," All right, a birthday cake... and post it when you are finished!"

So, instead of pulling out all my paints and busting it to meet a deadline of today for completion, I decided to cheat and use one of my marker comps that I did for Baskin and Robbins years ago. The headline could have said, "61 Flavors" if I wanted to keep the script logo and tag line from the original layout! But originally, I was gonna let Tanya think that I actually did this in five or six hours...  just for my birthday. Never mind that the original was done in about that time frame as part of a four comp presentation.

Even though today is my birthday and I feel like I could whatever I want to, I feared some of my fellow artists who might have seen this comp before, would snitch! Call it Catholic Voodoo Guilt!