Wednesday, November 12, 2014

"Painting Some Veteran's Day Conversations"...

The phantom Phantom...
Well, I've been driving by a static display of a Navy F4 Phantom that, about one year ago, just popped up along the southern side of Interstate 12 between Hammond, LA and Denham Springs, LA. Someone or some group, did an incredible job of restoring this Vietnam era aircraft and yesterday, to celebrate Veterans Day, I'm got my easel and paints and put it to canvas... En Plein AIR Style.

So, to speak...

And here's where I am at, so far. Lots of vets stopped by to talk and checkout my progress. Cars and trucks were tooting as they pass by. It was kinda cool!

It's a bit amazing how things have changed. Now, more people stop and say thank you for your service. I think a lot of it has to do with the communications now available. Many are understanding that the guys at the tip of the spear don't give the orders, but just follow them. The sixties and early seventies was such a strange time. 

Not ever being a veteran of any war, I'll never know the sacrifices.There are so many unbelievable stories these warriors can tell. Truly, amazing. All the precautions you have to check and sometimes endure just to be up in the air in the first place. Something as simple as choking on your own vomit if you cannot "jettison" your own oxygen mask. Forget about being shot at!

When I wasn't listening to all the stories, I was painting. Sometimes, in order to meet my own deadline, I did both. I certainly am learning what not to do when painting details in oil, En Plein Air style. I put in five hours in between visits by about a dozen vets. I think I'll have to put in another five hours or so, but the next few days 'da Bayou will be wet and cold. So, I won't be out on location painting this bird, but it will give me time to think about my next move to complete this piece.

To all veterans, who go above and beyond the call of duty... Happy Veteran's Day!

Copyright 2014/ Ben Bensen III