Monday, November 27, 2017

"It Was A Cold,Blustery Day, All Day!"

Good "Cyber" Monday, all bodies!
The goldfinches are back. Guess I better check the feeder!
I finally got something completed yesterday while the Saints were losing. This painting is, in sketch form, one I started at the World War Two museum airshow under the protection of the gigantic B-29's wing.
It was a cold, blustery day, all day!
On the Sunday of the Three Rivers Art Festival, November 12th, I decided to bring my easel and attempt to finish the painting, demo-style, but all I did was smear the paint in transit home that evening.
Anyway, I finally finished and am pretty happy with the 9"x12" oil painting of a Navy C-45 transport named,"Texas Doll."
First cup...

Sunday, November 19, 2017

"Just Be Glad!"...

C'est La Vie!
Good Sunday morning, y'all.
I'm early this morning for a change.
I don't see why not. I'm sitting here with that old matchbox hole trying to figure out exactly what I accomplished yesterday. I slept a lot!
Brings to mind when my dad use to say things with a bit of a twinkle in his eye that I should be grateful for having shoes with no holes in them. Though I know it was probably true that he experienced stuffing paper in his shoe to keep the dirt and water out, in hindsight, he could always make light of such things. 
My retort was, sardonically,"Sounds like a pulp fiction to me, Dad!"
But nowadays, especially since it nears Thanksgiving, we all need to be a bit more grateful. Thinking rather disgustedly at all the nothing I did yesterday, dad words ring true.
Be glad you could take a nap. Many people can't sleep. 
I did pay a bill and begrudgingly drove it into town. Again, dad's mantra reverberated. "Be glad you have money to pay it. Many folks are robbing Peter to pay Paul. 
I know, dad, and a car with gas in it to take to town.
I managed to take the dog for a walk 'cuz I felt I needed to do something. Be glad that you have a dog that demands you get your fat ass out and walk. 
Be glad that you can walk! Some folks wish they could.
Naturally, as it always occurs in nature, naturally, my walk shows me all the branches and weeds that need to be addressed. Well, be glad you have a really nice home and weeds to pull out. Many people only have concrete!
Leaning over to grab a few chinese tallo saplings that are not native to Louisiana and yank them out of the ground, my hair drops down over my face. I know, I know, I need a hair cut and... 
Okay, okay, I get it. I'll be glad that I still have hair to cut!
Pouring my first grateful cup...

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