Tuesday, May 16, 2017

"I Was A Little Bit Nuts, I Admit It!"

Frames drawn for storyboards at 3"x4"...
We used to do storyboards at this size. Most of the 3"x4" frames were pretty sketchy with minimal color. I guess I was just a bit crazy! Clients did seem to like em, though. This is one in a series of fifteen marker frames for a client Security Pacific Bank for the art director Jeff Weekley at DMB&B Advertising.

I am posting one of fifteen everyday on my Facebook account's cover sheet. https://www.facebook.com/Gumboben

Here's a few more minis... 

Copyright 2017/ Ben Bensen III

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

"That Old Matchbox Hole In My Clothes"...

Just saying...

Happy Dappy Humpty Dump Day, y'all. Here in 'da Bayou, it's gonna be a beautiful day... weather wise. 
"I'm just sittin' here watching that old matchbox hole in my clothes, I ain't got no matches but I sure gotta a long way to go!"
So true.
And, it is all in the details, or so it seems. Because of my wife's new dietary concerns, I'm gonna try a frittata "quiche" without a pie crust. It will be more like an egg custard thingy. I think I'm gonna have to find a recipe and STICK to it... I never do, though. We'll see.
On another detailed note, the color house that took pro pictures of my Pierce Arrow poster called yesterday as we were lounging around in the sun at Giddy Up. Because I felt a bit guilty for spending more time creating the poster than I should have, I felt I needed to get the digital copy to the designer for printing, ASAP, but I really didn't expect it to be ready for pickup so soon. When they'd call, I would have an expeditious plan prepared.
I had a little over three hours to drive into New Orleans pick up the painting and the cd, make one copy for myself on the laptop and dupe another copy to send to another partner, throw them into some cd mailers which were already pre-addressed and deliver them to the NOLA post office.
It was gonna work out perfectly, but I forgot to bring extra blank cd's because the covers didn't fit the mailer. So, I brought two of those poorly designed plastic cases with me but not the blank cd's that they come in. When I got the original cd, I ran into the car, opened up my laptop to copy them, but also forgot that this laptop doesn't have an internal dvd drive in it.
"I can't believe it. The entire world is conspiring against me... Including Donald Trump!"
I returned to the color house desk and beg them to make me a copy. Waiting for about twenty minutes, now had me under the clock. The last pick up for mail ended at 4:30 pm. Now, it was screw the other partner, for now. He'll get his cd later. I need a copy of the original cd for myself.
I threw the one cd into the mailer and took off for the post office. I made the deadline, but all the while the desk clerk at the color house's comments kept ringing in my ear...
"You know, you could've just used a Dropbox!"
First "Doh!" cup o' CDM...

Copyright 2017/ Ben Bensen III