Thursday, February 21, 2013

Just Some Early Morning Observations...

A ham, tomato, swiss cheese and onion quiche...
Just some observations in the morning. I'm sitting here with the laptop, staring out the kitchen window, enjoying a third cup of CDM and a large slice of quiche which I made for my wife. She had to leave before it was finished, so I guess I have to save her a piece.

The birds are pissed and squawking 'cuz there's no grub in the feeder. I noticed, no matter the season, all species of birds descend
 on my feeder between 8 am and 8:30 am. They are very timely. If there's no grub, they move on and won't return till the late afternoon, en masse.

I wonder about their time clocks... they don't have wrists!

After loading the feeder, I threw out some egg shells because I believe in putting back to nature what we and the animals take away, and I found that many times, birds will cart off pieces of the shells and devour them especially the females during mating season.

I guess they know they need to replenish their calcium.

I also noticed, not just today, but over a period of time, ground feeding birds love it and sort of cheer on the jays and woodpeckers as they fling out the sunflower seeds to the ground to get to the peanuts!

The goldfinch always stay for the winter, but I never get to see the males in full resplendent color. They fly back north to mate. With their stay here, they bring along the Sharp-shinned Hawk which seem to follow them here and occasionally prey on the locals.

I wonder if the locals hate the goldfinch for screwing up the neighborhood by bringing in a bad element!

Maybe, that is why they occasionally slam up against the windows in a fit to escape. It makes for a skittish bunch of birds while at the feeder.

Just some observations...

Also, though this quiche is quite tasty, I've exhausted all my recipes for quiche. I wonder how an anchovies and olive salad quiche would taste!

Whadda'ya think?

Copyright 2013/Ben Bensen III