Tuesday, January 14, 2020

"Pitching A Lemon!"

So funny. I was picking up some lemons that had fallen from three lemon trees during a wind storm. I decided to throw a few into the tree line instead of picking them up and putting them in the trash. The first one I threw was from my knees and was so pitiful that it bounced and landed just in front of that row of trees. I then, threw another one sidearm only to find I had no idea where it was gonna go.

The third pitch, so disgusted with the first two performances, I decided to stand up and tried to throw the moldy lemon from the stretch. It was a "comebacker". It hit a tree from the tree line and bounced back just a few feet from me. 

So, I tried again.

But, this time, I'd hurl the bitter fruit from a windup! The pitch I made went into the trees, but my right shoulder showed its disapproval. Too bad, I thought... it will just have to toughen up. So, I picked up another half dozen and figuring out, that by now, my arm had loosened up, and warmed up enough to go the distance, I continued to pummel the tree line. I was in the groove now, even though my left oblique, attempting to balance out the force of the pitch, was having a hard time, it didn't matter. I was on target using a small bush in the tree line as my catcher who I had to consistently shake off each time he suggested a different pitch.

None of that fancy stuff... JUST HEAT!

The next day, the only heat I wanted was in the tub with some Epson salt. Who was it that said," You can't make the club in the tub!"

He was so right!

Copyright 2019/ Ben Bensen III