Monday, April 2, 2018

"Aw, So Cute... Iitty-Bitty, Teeny-Weeny Ball of Trouble!"

Good "earless chocolate bunny" Monday, all bodies!
I hope everyone enjoyed their Easter/Passover Weekend and saved a bit of that chocolate bunny "for later!"
Our little nest of baby bunnies has broken camp and absconded in the night except one. There always seems to be one in the group that just doesn't get the memo till it is too late.
I let our dog, Pierre le Pooch, out Easter Sunday morning to do his 'le Poop thing, but got distracted straightening up le Kitchen only to hear le screams emanating from the garden below le kitchen window.
( I beg for your patience as I am taking French lessons online... Can't you tell? )
"That damn dawg is harming those baby bunnies again. I can't let him out of sight for a moment," I said to myself as I ran out the back door to see the damage done.
"HEY YOU, get away from that, that... that clump of grass there!"
Sure enough, Pierre had somehow found the one loner bunny hanging around waiting for the rest of the gang to show up!
My wife finally came out to inspect the bunny and do her "Aw, so cute... so soft, little biddy this, and little biddy that" Mommy kinda thing as I dragged "le pain in the ass" back inside the studio!
Later in the day, she
came back out to do some gardening and found the little biddy, teeny-weenie, so soft to pet with a fuzzy white tail... so cute bunny had split town!
And, if you think this is the end of a beautiful little 'le story, forgetaboutit!
Somewhere on this property romps five or six furry little bunnies and Pierre is determined to seek and destroy them. And, where is that little hussy of a mother? Probably, out entertaining another alpha male in the bushes somewhere!
Second cup!

Copyright 2018/Ben Bensen III