Sunday, May 24, 2015

"Well, You Drive Yo'self Safe, Now!"

A McDonald's sketch...
Nursing a second cup at McDonald's while finishing one more thumbnail sketch, I've noticed this elderly gentlemen with soft green, but distant eyes that light up every time someone enters the restaurant. He seems to know all the locals that frequent the place and loves greeting them as he sits next to the door with a "MacWhatever" and a coffee, which he pays for himself. He, somehow, finds his way here arriving around 7am in the morning wearing a flannelette shirt, a brown baseball cap and a big smile. From the sound of his warbled greetings, he probably wears false teeth and forgets or refuses to wear the bottom set.
I've been here just three or four times when I'm awake, but many local restaurants here in St. Francisville aren't yet open. In spite of many coffee kudos I receive from friends, McDonald's version is serviceable. 
It's funny how small towns, like my hometown, Folsom, St. Francisville and many others have embraced, as one patron called Mr. Jeremy, "the poor souls". Everyone here, including the staff, seem to watch over him and make sure he is cared for. 
Having cared for my aged mother for so many years, I find this phenomenon, intriguing. Assuming he now lives alone, Mickey D's seems his second home where everyone can sit at "his" table. 
I also noticed that the men's restroom is on the other side of the refreshments bar, which is the reason, Mr. Jeremy, sits where he does... next to the women's restroom.
"You be from Baton Rouge?" "Where you be headed off to, in such a hurry?"
"Well, you drive yo'self safe, now... Have a blessed day!"
"Thank you, sir... I certainly, plan to!"

Copyright 2015/ Ben Bensen III

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