Saturday, April 10, 2010

Are you drawing me? Yes, but you moved!

One of the few successful sketches to come out of our trip to Alaska. There was a contingent of reserve servicemen on a weekend training session serving the native indian population in rural Alaska. They're training for when disasters strike like the recent earthquakes, the tsunami and hurricanes like Katrina. While they were waiting for the C-17's to load, our group was waiting for transportation back to 477th headquarters. After wasting thirty minutes, it dawned on me that this would be a great time to pull out the sketch pad. I spotted this female sergeant lugging a sixty pound pack looking for a place to "hurry up and wait". After ten minutes of me staring at her, she politely inquired,"Are you drawing me?" Minutes later, our van came to pick us up and as I quickly gathered my belongings and sketch pad, she came over and asked me, if, when I finished with the sketch, if I could email her a copy. Flattered, I replied, "Absolutely!"

This is the tightened version of the two field sketches!


  1. Very cool Ben.
    A wonderful moment captured in pencil and writing...

  2. Thanks Dick, I have since received a lovely thank you from the sergeant, whose first name is Laura,telling me about the rough weather they encountered the night before. She was there as part of her two week commitment to the Air Force as a computer technician. As a joke, I asked her how many computers are out there in the frozen tundra of Kotzebue, AK much less the ones that need fixing? I haven't received an email answer back,yet!