Wednesday, July 14, 2010

So What's All the Fuss About... A Day in the Life of an Illustrator!

I've just been informed by the Junior League that I have three days to do a painting to donate for charity... if I wanna get in free to the Polo Festival in October! I know I can do it, but do I really wanna?
So here's what I wanna do.

I really don't have anything to make a giclee from that I think is worthy of my signature, though I agree with Laurie that Sonya's idea is the best. My answer is that I have given myself four hours to paint a picture while my two air force paintings are drying. 4 hours starting from what is now 12:15 pm. CST. Then, I will photograph it for the magazine and post the painting on Facebook... And, that's what 'dey git! So, let's get it on!

Well, it took me five and a half hours, instead of just four, but now all I have to do is pop it in a frame on Friday and drop it off. Therese and I enjoyed the polo festival so much last year, that I decided I'd do a quick painting to get in free this coming October and get a write up in the local magazine.


  1. Jolie,
    I did this for the Women's Junior League Polo Festival about a month or so ago for a charitable auction in October. The Facebook discussion about it was pretty good. Seldom do people post comments on my blog, preferring to comment on Facebook... so thanks for posting it on my blog.