Friday, December 28, 2012

"SoCal, Thanks For Being So Gracious"...

A goodbye sketch!
Tomorrow we leave for 'da Bayou and so I thought this sketch was a fitting way to say goodbye to our Christmas vacation in SoCal and to thank all the wonderful people in my life here in California. Therese and I had a ball catching up with all our friends and their lives. I know we will wish we asked more questions about life in California and all that that entails.

You know, like... "Aw man, I wanted to ask him about his mom!" or "I wonder how her latest project is working out?" There's never enough time to remember all the questions you want to ask. I guess we'll just have to return again soon and next time, write down a better list of things to inquire about!

We thought today would be better spent just relaxing and getting "mentally ready" to return home. I pretty much just ate, cruised the internet and watched football...

I believe there's one last slice of pumpkin pie to put a final cap on today and the rest of our SoCal adventure.

Thanks to everyone for being so gracious. All the best to everyone in the coming year!

Copyright 2012-2013/Ben Bensen III

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