Monday, May 27, 2013

"A Tribute To A Man Who Loved Advertising And Big Bosomed Women"

Life's a Chess Game...
A few weeks ago, I lost a friend, a colleague, a client, and a nut. I got an email from a good friend, who was nice enough to remember how close Walt Harris and I were, to inform me of his rough last two years before succumbing to some form of cancer... I presume. Leafing through some old Daily Reminders dating back as far 1983, there was Walt's name. An appointment here, a visit there, a delivery date, an editing session, a call time, everywhere... until about 2004 or so.

It is only by coincidence that this Power Point presentation was created first with our relationship in mind. I've got lots of slides, prints, xeroxes, and now, cd's of the work we created for Toyota at Saatchi in Torrance, California. When I made this promotional presentation for myself, I assumed Walter was still alive and living well somewhere in Laguna Niguel. Since his death, I have edited it extensively.

But, it is still a pretty loving tribute to a friend, colleague, client and a nut!

Copyright 2013/Ben Bensen III 

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