Tuesday, February 18, 2014

"Winks, Blinks And Goo-Goo Eyes Abound!"

"Pee-Pie, 'da Ba-a-a-bee!"
So, I take my mom to a new restaurant she hasn't been to in Covington for breakfast to "celebrate" Presidents' Day.

"What President?", she asks and I say, "All of them!"

She negotiated all six steps quite well, refusing to give in to the handicapped ramp. When we arrived at the counter at "Coffee Rany" to order breakfast and all she could see was the pastry case. A couple of women chuckled when I told mom she had to finish her breakfast first… and then, dessert.

We don't really have a whole lot to share at any meal. Mom will talk about the food that I've prepared or that which we are enjoying at a restaurant. She gets real defensive if you asked her questions she can't or won't answer to. Many an argument was started by innocent questions asked to break the awkward silence as we eat… for years!

After our short conversations, a woman walks in with her baby and I'm thinking, oh no, not this again, while simultaneously giving thanks for the new "floor show." The place is packed and I am the lone adult male out of about forty women, so naturally, everyone sighs and coos and goes gah gah at the baby. The mother, at the request of the crowd, lifts the little girl up out of the carrier and a standing ovation ensues.

When the encore dies down, and the mother sits back down to have her breakfast, my mom's enthusiasm only begins to kick into high gear. She begins by staring at the toddler until the baby turns her head to acknowledge mom. Then, it's all on. As I hide behind a Gambit or USA Today, mom smirks, blinks, winks, gurgles baby talk, smiles, makes "pretty eyes, and " plays "Pee Pie, from across the table.

This isn't just today. This is every time my mom sees a baby. The funny thing about it, the babies seem to love it!

Now, stop and think about this for a moment. A strange eighty-nine year old, toothless woman, with a bulbous nose, a hairy face that sags in all directions, and a colored beret, sticks her face in front of a baby and makes "goo-goo" eyes… and the babies love it.

It sure would frighten the hell out of me!

And, just when the novelty wears off, another mother strolls in with her newborn and the show begins again. This went on for almost two hours. My mom's a slow eater, especially when she is entertaining so many clients. Feeling sympathy for the mothers, I always try to find a way to distract my mom from overstaying her "welcome." Many times, it doesn't work, but this time…

"Hey mom, how about that carrot cake or petit four you were eying in the pastry window?"

Got her!

Copyright 2014/ Ben Bensen III

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