Friday, January 15, 2016

"Those New Orleanians That Just Don't Give A Damn Call It, "Green Gumbo"...

And, this is for all my California friends that think all we eat is fried food...
I'm making phone calls to catch up on unpaid bills, medical and insurance concerns, my mom's bank accounts and boring BS that has to get done.
A glass of wine helps...
But, it occurred to me that, in classic New Orleans style, no one will show up after lunch to complete 'da day! Nothing like a three day weekend to add another half day to it, right? C'est la vie!
So, I might as well use this "down time" to start up my family's traditional and rather seasonal gumbo called by those who insist on being French or Creole, "Gombo aux Herbes. Those who can't or refuse to pronounce the name of the soup correctly, called it Gumbo Zeb, which is a distortion of the name, Gumbo Z'herb.
And then there's those New Orleanians that just don't give a damn and call it, "Green Gumbo" for good reason!

Copyright 2015/ Ben Bensen III

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