Wednesday, July 19, 2017

"Endless Possibilities, Then, Again..."

Top of the "HumptyDump" to you, all bodies!
All though I never got to see the little pals fledge yesterday morning, I spend about an hour with my binoculars, my Nikon, and a cup of coffee to witness the beginning of their leaving the nesting box. It was interesting to see the parents flying, fluttering and swooping up and down around the box to get the youngsters the message. One little guy actually came out from the hole as mom enticed it to follow her.
He took a look around, flapped his wings a couple of times and promptly jumped back into the safety of the nest. I couldn't stay to see all the bluebirds leave, so I later called up my wife to tell her about the show. She apparently went out to followup on the escape.
Later that day, I checked the box to see if any bird was left behind. There was only one unhatched egg left.
In all these years, I've never seen the entire family leave or where they seek shelter after leaving the nest, but we had a pretty strong storm that came through around dinner time and I wondered how those feathered friends made out.
As the wind, the rain and the thunder surrounded us, I turned to our cocker spaniel and said,"You got it made in the shade, dude!"
First cup...

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