Thursday, January 3, 2019

"S'why I Love Toasters!"

Outlasted Sears...

Good "if it ain't broke..." Thursday, y'all.
In a way, this is a TBT post because this rather simple machine was a wedding gift 46 years ago. It is function is to make bread into toast.
It's called, oddly enough, a TOASTER!
It doesn't require a replacement bulb. It doesn't need to be upgraded every other month or have it's operating system changed so you have to purchase all new bread to have it operate efficiently.
It doesn't run out of ink... or anything, for that matter.
It requires no gas or oil or hydraulic fluid or a pulley, starter switch or a remote control. You don't have to insert a coin to make it work. It won't bite you either unless you decide to pry out burnt toast with a knife.
It doesn't come with an insurance plan or need a license to operate it.
It doesn't need batteries to operate and it is, to my knowledge, though I've lost the instruction sheet years ago, it is environmentally safe... Wow!
And, and... the best part about it is that when you want to incorporate its services, it actually works.
Me likes toasters...

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