Saturday, February 15, 2020

"It's That Time Of Year... "Gnaturally"...

Good "Gnaturally" Sunday Morning, all bodies.

Ah, nature's cycle of life. It's time for clover and dandelions and what is known as Carolina Geranium. Actually, the thistle plants and the "Geranium" are a bit early, but what the hell, the bluebird family is already setting up house and our silver maple tree is beginning to sprout stuff at the ends of each branch.

Everyone and everything is confused!

But, the purveyor of all flying aggravations to later arrive, is naturally on time. It is the "crane fly" or as we all called it as kids... GNATS!

They look like large mosquitoes with very long, spindly legs.

In the evening, just after sundown, they hang around doors just waiting to get uninvited in. Even if you don't turn on any outdoor lights, or make any announcements, they are there, attracted to all social events, crashing the party through the doors before you even notice.

Then, they proceed to crash and bounce into everything including your cheese dip, salsa, punch bowls and filled wine glasses. They don't have to get drunk to act like they are bumping indiscriminately into every body and everything. Of course, they later go incognito into your blinds and window drapes to sleep it all off.

If you are lucky, you might find one still hungover the morning after unless, of course, they've decided to dance, cheek to cheek, with a spider or two.

Come a month later, when you try to open the windows or adjust the blinds, hundreds of skeletal 'gnats, lovingly wrapped in a silken goo, will make it almost impossible for you to accomplish such a simple task...

Ah... nature!

First cup!

Copyright 2020/ Ben Bensen III

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