Tuesday, November 10, 2020

"Scrapping Off The Fat"...


Good "Monkey" Monday, all bodies! 

That ole Matchbox hole needs some attention, y'all.

So many things, and I gotta long way to go...

Therese seemed a bit upset about the death of Alex Tribeck. She knew, like everyone else did, that he fought fourth stage pancreatic cancer for over a year. Tee is almost in her fourth year of surviving that cancer.

Some one wanted me to let her know if Therese high school letters were moved from their original spot on the kitchen table.

They have not!

I've got a dress shirt that is about five years old, but I get more compliments from women about the shirt when I wear it... Wish I knew why!

More and more, our pup is needing a boost to hop in and out of the car and unto the sofa though he is not at the point of giving up trying.

Man, the fat I scraped off of the chuck roast stew I cooked last night was disgusting. I pretended my spatula was an icebreaker ship breaking up the packed sea ice. Having fun where I can find it!

On the causeway last night headed to NOLA, my friend Carol was clicking off photo after photo from a glorious red and orange sunset. I told her I was gonna demand a location fee from her if she continued.

Oh yeh, if you follow my posts, you remember me talking about Monday morning lawn mower wars. That is, cutting the football field grass that doesn't need cutting. Well, this morning, they didn't show up.

They mustah over slept!

I offered this woman that I had not seen in over a year a seat with me when I realized she wasn't waiting for a friend. I think she was hoping that I'd ask her to join me. We had a great time catching up with each other. In jeans and a tank top that showed off her developed shoulders and arms, I complimented her on looks. She told me that she had started cross training and eating right. 

"Jeepers, Debbie, I said, isn't the rigors of being a farrier enough?"

Oh and by the way, I finally found my Spencer Davis Greatest Hits album on United Artists... so there!

Enough... first cup!

Copyright 2020/Ben Bensen III

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