Monday, March 15, 2021

"I Thought You Were Some Kind Of Weirdo!"

A Giddy Up coffeehouse regular...

Good "Lecherous" Monday morning, all bodies.

With a first cup here at Giddy Up, I started one of my "Matchbox Hole" posts when I came upon Larry who was sitting alone chewing the fat on his cellphone.
Having done a sketch of him from a photo I took a few weeks ago, it seemed we were doomed to never coordinate my gift to him. I wasn't really sure it was something he'd even want being the lecherous "badass" some women labeled him as. A sign of the times, I guess.
This time the stars were aligned.
I intercepted him as he hung up his phone and moseyed pass me to the back door.
"Larry, Larry, I yelled, I got something I want you to see."
"Well, hey there, youngster... How ya doing?
"Doing great", I said as I showed him the sketchbook drawing I created.
"You did this? Of me? Aw, this is great... Looks just like me and you even got me with my blue mask!"
I didn't want to assume that he liked it enough to ask for it, so I didn't offer it to him.
"Wait till me wife sees this," he says. "Can I take a picture of this?"
From that point on he tells me why he can only come over to GiddyUp on the days that a nurse comes to sit with his wife. Apparently, she's been suffering with Parkinson's Disease for quite some time.
He told me how abusive she becomes when the sun goes down.
"The things she says, she really doesn't mean, ya know?
"It's the Parkinson's Disease," he says.
"Aw, Larry, I'm sorry 'bout all that," I said, thinking of a way to offer the sketch to him.
"Larry, you don't have to take a photo of it for your wife," I said as I ripped the portrait from the sketchbook.
" I drew it for you, anyway, man!"
"Maybe, showing it to your wife during one of her rants will help change the subject," I laughed.
After expressing his gratitude and elation at receiving the gift, he leaned over close to me and said, "When you first asked me to pose for a picture or two, I wasn't too sure!"
"I thought you were some kind of weirdo!"
Second cup, now!

Copyright 2021/Ben Bensen III

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