Thursday, September 3, 2015

" A Throwback Thursday Thought"...

Guess you better slow that Mustang Down... Sally!

Good morning, everyone. I was looking for something to post for TBT while having breakfast. I found this sample piece in one of my photo files. About ten or twelve years ago, my rep was constantly after me to embrace the computer more than I was, at that time.
This is a sample done in Photoshop with just three pieces. I turned a pic of the San Gabriel mountains into a purple mountain majesty at sunset, a red Mustang that I turn to blue, and a woman I found on a porn channel kissing you goodbye. 
The woman was totally naked. 
I changed everything on her from the original pose and then proceeded to put clothes and accessories on her. I was pretty proud of my accomplishment. My rep got me a potential job with this digital painting, but I thought the art director had no idea what it took for me to complete this piece.
He wanted a price on doing an educational slide show in the digital style. I told him he was crazy. My rep didn't appreciate my comments, but I can't even imagine creating this kind of reality for any more than two or three pieces. 
He wanted like about a hundred.
So, why is this a throwback in addition to a gratuitous plug for my digital acumen? Well, clothing the woman, which was quite fun to do, reminded me of my sisters, especially my older sister, Adele, playing dress up with the Betsy McCall doll. I remember her cutting out that month's fashions from the McCall's magazine and folding those tabs over the cardboard replica of Betsy McCall. 
Talk about a simpler time!
Second cup...

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