Wednesday, September 23, 2015

"Like The Ice Cream Parlor Days"...


“If you don’t know where you are going, you might wind up someplace else.” ~Yogi Berra

Good morning Wednesday... and everybody that's doing Wednesday, today.
Third cup...
Last night, after dinner, I really wanted to spend more time with Therese. She's always so distracted with school "goings on" and I, now with my continuing storyboard saga. It's been pretty much this way since I returned home from St. Francisville. Tee actually started a batch of clothes in the middle of dinner.
Amongst other things, I am still messing with mom's "estate" such as it is. And every now and then, we run, unexpectedly, back into Brian's life, which sends us into an immediate funk. But, at this time, needing her attention, I said, "Let's go into town, after dinner, and get a ice cream cone and then, go to Magnolia Park, for a walk.
I reiterate Mr. Berra! "“If you don’t know where you are going, you might wind up someplace else.” 
When we arrive at the little diner that sells ice cream cones, it was closed.
"Who the hell closes their restaurant on a Tuesday?" I mumbled in frustration.
"Let's just go to the store and buy some ice cream," my wife said.
"No, that's not the point. I wanna spend some time with you, like the ice cream parlor days," I replied. 
"We can buy all the ice cream in the world and still sit at home eating it in our distractions!"
So, we thought and thought of where we could buy a simple ice cream on the Northshore. Not the swirly kind in one of those sugar cones, but real ice cream in those huge brown pointed kind of cones. 
We drove about ten more miles to a place where we thought there might be a some true ice cream, but it, " Ain't Dere No More!" to quote a popular post Katrina patois.
We continued for a few more miles looking for a legit ice cream parlor. In the process of our search, we got away from home to spend some quality time together. She opened up to talk about school, the kids, the pressures and other assorted topics like where are we headed and what are our goals for the future. We, also, had a few good laughs, too. 
We ended up at a place in Mandeville where I thought, for sure, there was a Baskin/Robbins, but "NOOOOOOOOO!"
"Ain't Dere No More!"
These are the times when I really miss living in New Orleans, a town that never sleeps. It took us almost an hour, but, we finally found a TCBY store and decided a frozen yogurt would have to suffice.
And it did. And, I got my wife's total attention, for awhile!
Thanks Yogi, you were so right!

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