Tuesday, March 23, 2010

"Ay, Dios Mio! Donde esta???"

Ruby-throated hummingbirds travel hundreds of miles to vacation in Mexico and Central America for the winter. Around this time of the year, late March or so, a partied out hummer scout will arrive at my garden where it expects to see nectar hanging from the same place that they left in early autumn. It never happens! The feeder is never ready for the scout who somehow reconnoiters with the incoming pack of hummers and sends them elsewhere to feed leaving me high and dry until sometimes early summer. Will I get it right this year? Dios mio!


  1. Last autumn, I got loaded
    On a bottle of nectar, on a bottle of nectar
    But I feel all right, feel all right, I feel all right, I feel all right...

    I know that you're very busy these days (hee, hee), but surely you have time to feed da birds?

  2. Yeh, the feeder was cleaned before I put it away last October. The nectar is up and ready for slurping, but as nature would have it, no scouts yet. The goldfinch are still hanging around and normally they would have been gone. It is nice to see some males in full golden regalia, though.

    What do you think of my vacationing "hummer?" I sketched out about ten different versions, but I liked the big, floppy sombrero on this little guy. I wanted to add some sun glasses but couldn't both add it and see his reaction at the same time, so I dropped it, but it is funny how a line or two can change everything!

    On the "got loaded" line, did you know that song was made famous by a Louisiana group out of Lafayette called, Little Bob and the Lollipops. I didn't... until a few years ago when I purchased a compilation cd. I don't know if they wrote the song, but apparently it was a pretty big hit in the early sixties. Naturally, for this post, Los Lobos' version is more appropriate!

  3. Love the little hummer guy. I liked the sketches that I saw on FB as well. Very cute! You know when I saw LLobos at the HOB back in 2002, Hidalgo introduced a black man named Bob __. The audience was inattentive or didn't clap enthusiastically and David got mad! So then everyone clapped louder. They did the song together so it must have been that guy. I wrote down his name so I would remember it, but it escapes me now. I'm not as knowledgeable about swamp pop as I'd like to be.

  4. Wow, that's a pretty wild coincidence, don't you think?

  5. Well, yes. And I, like I'm sure many of those in the audience, felt ashamed to have David mad at me. He's so quiet and gentle and no one wants that kind of person to be disappointed in his audience. They also invited Rockin' Dopsie, Jr. on stage but everyone knew him.