Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Well, It's Certainly Cheaper 'den Golf...

Jury Duty Sketch on 3/14/2011
As mentioned in an earlier blog post, I was cordially invited under pain of death, to participate in one of everyone's favorite civic responsibilities, Jury Duty. I really don't mind doing it, but in eleven summons to appear, I have been accepted as a juror only once and that was in a divorce case that never really got to trial. Seems the young couple decided to try to work it out on their own, hugging and sobbing on their way out of the courtroom door. The romantic in me thought their efforts to kiss and make up it quite beautiful, but the cynic in me says they probably reconciled their differences when they realized the financial implications of a separation or a divorce.

I wonder if, after two years, they are still married!

Nevertheless, this is one of the few good drawings I have to show from the first and only day in the waiting room. An elderly man was explaining, to another potential juror, all about his backyard garden experiences and what he had harvested so far this year and what he has growing now. Fertilizer organics, soil amendments, rotating crops, controlling critters and something about irrigation arrived at my seriously inexperienced eavesdropping abilities in audio bits and pieces. I was seated two rows behind this verbose plow boy and could hear his conversation but couldn't quite decipher what was being said. American English with a Cajun twist is an acquired taste that takes a period of time to adjust to and... a six pack of Tabasco. So, since I couldn't understand him very well, I decided to just sketch him. I think I caught his "cajun-ess" pretty well.

I did hear, as he got up to shuffle to one of the courtrooms, his parting comment,"Aaaay, it's certainly cheaper 'den golf, I tell you 'dat!

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