Wednesday, March 23, 2011

What is a King Cake and Who Swallowed the Baby Jesus... A Poll.

"Baby Jesus" doll revealed in a slice of King Cake.
Well, I have had such an overwhelming response to my "Baby Jesus" Mardi Gras post, I felt I owed it to my friends, far and wide, to complete the story even though some may be giving up the tasty treat for Lent. Sorry, I have no Beelzebubian motives to entice one from their commitment forty days from Easter Sunday, but I have been walking around with this scrap of paper in my vest pocket from the New Orleans Times/Picayune's Inside Lagniappe section for almost a month.

In that section, an unofficial poll was taken. The question asked was, "Have you ever hid the baby in your napkin, so you didn't have to bring the king cake to the next party? ( and I swear this is actually printed in the paper...dated March 4, 2011 )

23% of those questioned said, "Yes, I admit it"... while 60% said," No, I would never do that" and 17% had "No comment" or pleaded the fifth amendment. I was amazed, but I would have been even more amazed if the pollsters inquired...

"Have you ever or will you ever have cause to "Swallow 'da Baby Jesus?"

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  1. No, but only because of the separate packaging and bold warnings of choking hazard.... like the warnings not to use my hair dryer in the bathtub, like most people are wont to do.