Saturday, May 12, 2012

"Bubbles" In A Limited Edition Print...

Limited edition print!
Well, finally, here it is! My poster for the Land Grant Polo Event on Sunday, May 20th from Noon till 5:30 pm... or so! Of course, this is the "rgb" digital interpretation with type and a little Photoshop sweetning! I am happy with this effort... Lord knows what the printed version will look like!

We'll just have to wait and see!

Funny, I was, at first, inspired by an old Bart Forbes illustration, which I got from Leif Peng's illustration blog at:

It then took me to my own personal file on Forbe's illustrations. I originally was thinking in these terms for the poster, but I couldn't make the imagery work to my own satisfaction. My piece, now, only has traces of Bart Forbes in it, but it was only because of my own inability to graphically represent what Forbes seems to do so effortlessly that I caved in and went to another "me."

Not that I am not happy with my own work... I am!

But, every time I run across a Forbes illustration it reminds me of a conversation I had with Bob Rodriquez, a fellow New Orleanian from way back, and an excellent artist in his own right. He and I were admiring a Forbes that had been entered in the Society of Illustrators/Los Angeles annual 'best of" show.

Well, actually, we were both drooling over it when Bob says, "His work seems so effortless, though I know he puts a lot of thought into the design before he ever begins the final piece. But it doesn't look fussed over or rendered... I love his work! I wish I could think that way." I agreed, but before I could share my thoughts about his work, Bob interjects, "I agonize over every little texture... every nuance! I wish I could paint like that." He does in a weekend what takes me weeks to complete!"

Knowing how incredible Bob's art is, I just had to agree with his assessment of himself and his style.

And after all these years, how true his words speak for the assessment of my own art!

By the way, if anyone is interested in supporting this cause, you can order a limited edition print for $25 unsigned and $30 signed by calling (985) 542-5006 or email Land Trust of Southeastern Louisiana at:

P.S. I'd be flattered to personally sign your poster!

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