Thursday, May 10, 2012

"Bubbles" Poster... Some Type And A Tweak Or Two!

The layout formerly named, "Bubbles"...
As I have noted quite a few times, there were many funerals to attend and write about in the last two months, but, presumably, here is something a lot more fun. I was asked to create a limited edition poster for the inaugural "Conservation Cup Polo Event," promoting the polo festivities on Sunday, May 20th at Leah Farms in Folsom, LA. It is a fund raiser creating an awareness to conserving Louisiana's natural resources through the Land Trust of Southeastern Louisiana.

I finally finished this painting late last night and sent it to studio to be photographed digitally for reproduction. I alerted the photographer to take care when handling it because some sections were still drying. I originally envisioned the piece in acrylic, but decided to use oils since I hadn't painted people in acrylics in over a year and oils take days to completely dry even with the use of a dryer.

I had no time for mistakes.

About a month ago, I sketched out three concepts to present to the client and after a little bit of selling, the board chose this layout, which I called, "Bubbles" because of the circular aspect of piece emanating from the champagne glass. There were many aspects of the event as well as the reasons for the event to consider visually. I could have easily added five or six more insets to help tell the story, but wisely, the board and I felt some could be used to continue the cause... next year. You can view the three original sketches on my other site at:

I once thought the entire painting should be encased in an entire circular bubble with other circular insets embedded within the central piece, but when I noticed the limitations of the paper size, I was glad I decided to go conservative. For fun, I added some personal visual effects that may or may not be noticed by anyone but me.

Anyway, when I pick up the painting tomorrow morning, I will probably do some adjusting, tweaking and cleaning up some edges in Photoshop and hopefully, not have to color correct anything. ( I'm paying out of my pocket to have this shot professionally, so I won't have any surprises.) And then, it is off to the printer.

I hope everyone likes it enough to purchase a copy and maybe, have me sign it for them!

Copyright 2012/ Ben Bensen III

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