Sunday, April 7, 2013

Another in a Series of Nixon Galloway Paintings...

The Waco "Taper Wing"...
Serving as a trainer, sport plane, racer, mail plane and also as a high performance fighter, the Waco was a very versatile platform for the Waco Company. It was call the "Taper Wing" because of the back sweep of the upper wing outer panels, and the matching low wings. In 1928, Fearless Fred Lund performed the first outside loop in a commercial aircraft.

It was performed in a Waco 10T Taper Wing.

The Pacific Air Transport, which would soon be bought by United Airlines, used the speedy Waco to haul mail. In 1928, the Waco's 135 mph was considered pretty fast behind a 225 horsepowered Wright J-5 engine.

I love the blue swatches of sky Nick used to back light the aircraft!

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