Wednesday, April 10, 2013

"I Thought You Needed Some Sort of Commendation!"

No editorial comments needed...
It's funny. You just never know what's gonna happen on Facebook sometimes. When my muse slaps upside the head, usually around ten at night, I create what I call my "beddy-byes." It is my silly way of inviting the Sandman to your Facebook page. I don't always post the song spoofs that I write, but if I start laughing at myself or one of the beddy-byes that I would be writing at the time, I post it. Some are really good... and some have a moment or two, but if I am on the computer at that time, I usually try to cap the day with a goodnite "beddy-bye."

Well, there is this group page that I post almost every time I post my beddy-byes. It has gotten to a point where, with the exception of two or three other members, I have back to back to back beddy-bye posts. The group page was created by a music man who worked for many, many years in the rock 'n roll biz and thought it'd be fun to post music vids and new acts on this page. It has been around, to my knowledge over two years, but in the last few months, for whatever reason, fewer and fewer folks post or even visit the site.

As Phil and Don once sang, "it's so sad to see a sweet thing die!"

But I got in the habit of automatically posting on his site regardless of whether anyone reads it or not and one day, I opened up the page to see someone had changed the cover photo to read, "Reflections" ... The Daily Musings of Ben Bensen!

At first, I thought I had gone to another cyber world where everything is created by Ben Bensen. It kinka freaked me out, Twilight Zone, type freak out, but then I saw a comment that read, 

"Well with all of your posts, I thought you ought to receive some sort of commendation! lol

They assured me that it was just a temporary thing and that it would go back to the original name eventually. I replied to them that I just write those spoofs for my own enjoyment, but I was touched and very flattered with their playful spoof on me.

As everyone knows, Facebook is full of quick one syllable kudos and "like-styled" acknowledgement that says that even if they didn't actually read it, or like it, your post has been seen by them.

It was truly a nice acknowledgement... and so well designed!

I'll have to ask where they got those beautiful curly-cues from. I like those!

Copyright2013/ Ben Bensen III

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