Tuesday, October 15, 2013

" My Book, Rock Lists And Mom's Bibliography!"

Just where is my favorite book?
My mother used to be a volunteer librarian. She went back to college, late in her life, in an effort to learn the library sciences, but took ill before she ever finished college. She now suffers, at the age of 89, from dementia. Gnomes and gremlins haunt her existence, meaning that she can never find things when she needs to. When everything disappears on her, she forgets where those devious munchkins from another world, put her stuff.

Of course, it has never been mom's fault... even when she had all of her faculties.

It has been my fault, since I purchased Dave Marsh's, "Book of Rock Lists" in 1981, that I have misplaced this well worn masterpiece many times. It went missing for years. Thinking it was forever lost, I'd put the book on my Christmas wish list many times.

I guess you've gotta be really into trivia or rock 'n roll or both to really appreciate the importance of this, one of many books, I own on the subject. The six hundred and fifty page book in just filled with really insignificant stuff like "Greatest excuses people use to get backstage!" to important stuff like The 100 Greatest Number One R&B Hits.

Great stuff...

Anyway, six months ago, I again found the book and put it on light stand next to the kitchen phone. It was left there after I used it to discuss trivia with a friend. And then, it disappeared again.

I never know where the book is until I need it, but three days ago, I found it in my mother's bottom drawer next to a stuffed Christmas icon called, "Mr. Bingo!" In it, my mom had saved the torn paper cover sheet and stuffed it inside an envelope. On the outside of the envelope, mom copied the bibliography as if she was gonna file it away in a library card file.

It wasn't the only time she has done such a thing. Mom has "stolen" just about every book in the house and copied, in one form or another, and then, filed "the card"in a spiral bound notebook or in the inside of the book itself. We only notice such a phenomena when we go searching for a missing book.

Only this time, that tricky little gremlin absconded with one of my favorite books!

One that I always seem to lose...

Copyright 2013/ Ben Bensen III

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  1. Greatest rock songs featuring books! Here's the start of my list. Can you add more? 1) My Little Red Book by Love 2) Book of Dreams by Bruce Springsteen 3) Paperback Writer - The Beatles