Friday, October 25, 2013

"That's What I'm Here For... I Think!"

The mind reels... well, at least, mine does!

So, while I'm putzing in the bedroom, making the bed, folding clothes, that kind of stuff, my wife pulls out these little lace insect wings and antenna with cute little fuzzy red ball tips at the end.

Well, like any man, the first that comes to mind... comes to mind.

"Gee babe, I say, We really don't have the time for that... dont'cha think?"

She looks at me puzzled and then, pulls out this brand new red tee shirt and says,

"Can you paint some black dots on this shirt, before I have to leave?"

A bit disappointed, I reply," Sure, glad to... wassup?"

"Well, today's dress up Friday, and all the second grade teachers are wearing this "lady bug" costume, and I thought, maybe you could paint some black dots on this red t-shirt for me."

I laughed because she knew I had an idea of just where two of them should go.

"Don't you dare," she replied.

Thirty minutes later five four inch black circles were painted in acrylic and dried. I yelled to her that that the shirt and all the black dots were ready to go... 

"Another deadline completed, on time and under budget," I said rather sarcastically.

She gathered all of her things, plus the lady bug costume complete with the painted red shirt and all, and said, as she pranced out the studio door...

"So nice, to have an artist round the house!"

Copyright 2013/ Ben Bensen III


  1. Cute story! Now paint one for Pierre so the two of them can match. I'm sure he would LOVE that.

  2. He actually let Sonya Landry, the nurse, put one of mom's berets on his head. I was stunned!