Friday, January 9, 2015

"Frozen Tundra, Taxes And A Chickadee!"

A Folsom, LA resident from the Carolinas...
Well, yesterday, I did just about everything I could do to put off finishing my expense report for the year, 2014. I even cleaned both toilets, cleaned my paintbrushes and dusted the poinsettia, but when I finally got in the tax groove again, I was distracted, thankfully, by birds pecking at the frozen bird bath looking for a drink. The temperature barely got over freezing and three different times, I warmed up some water to melt the ice and give the birds a drink. The bird bath froze over within a few minutes each time.

Around 3 or 4pm, a chickadee ( pictured below ) skated across the "frozen tundra" in search, once again, for a drink, and this time I warmed up a bigger pot of water and within a few minutes poured it over the frozen ice. Naturally, he took off for the safety of our maple tree, but five minutes later, or about a half dozen miscalculations on my expenses, I noticed once again, the little bird with a "best man" tuxedo on, always sharp with clean lines, a perfectly white and starched shirt and cummerbund with a black bow tie and top hat, was perched along side of the bath. Nervously straddling the rim and the water line, he leaned over to test the water to get a drink.

Or so I thought!

The bird took about few sips and then, totally immersed himself in the still warm and steamy pool, splashing around, dunking his head, and then shaking it, spreading his wings and tail feathers to take full advantage of the temporary jacuzzi I provided just for him... or so, he thought.

Feeling refreshed, and much more spry than before he plunged into the healing warm waters, he hopped out of the bath, shook off the many droplets of warm water and rested for a moment, as if to catch his breath. As he did, steam was wafting off his little body, like someone who jumps out of a hot jacuzzi, runs and jumps into a bank of snow, and then, dives back into the warm, bubbling jacuzzi.

After straightening out his little formal attire, in the blink of an eye, he was gone! And, I just sat there, amazed!

Copyright 2015/ Ben Bensen III

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