Thursday, January 1, 2015

"No Need To Test The Waters With Your Little Toe"...

Oh Tannenbaum...
Not quite ready to embrace the new year, not me, not yet. All too quickly, the tree is down, the presents opened and the greeting cards from friends become a package from the IRS. Sorry, I'm still enjoying Christmas... stubbornly, I guess.
No need to test the water with your little toe, because you're gonna get pushed in regardless. That's my thoughts about the new year! Let everyone else, go racing into the new year... whichever year... pick one!

Holding hands, we stared at the blinking lights on the tree,
Though Christmas is gone, it’s not for you or for me.
The glowing angel on the treetop, her wings spread out so wide, 
Seemed to pine for a tune ‘bout the Christmastide.

Though we searched and we searched,
For the angelic snow queen. 
All we could find, to really set the right scene 
Was an auld lang syne tune sung high up and clean,
It’s a auld lang syne song to welcome 2015!

Happy New Year, Y’all... I guess!

Copyright 2015/ Ben Bensen III


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