Friday, July 3, 2015

"Happy Fourth of July... Now, Pull Out Your Flag!"

A drawing entitled, "Blue Macaw, by artist Sam D, graces the restroom wall
at Birdman Cafe in St. Francisville, LA.
Was up till four drawing frames and spent an hour doing one from my sketch instead of the director's stick interpretation of the human form. I woke up late and stumbled to the car to head to Birdman, for some coffee and granola cookie. When I got there, Brittany, one of the waitresses, was dressed in an American flag shawl, and red, white and blue tennis shoes.
She said, " You wanna pay for this, now... or later?" 
When I said now, she said, " Pull a flag!" 
I said, "What?" to which she replied, "Pull out your flag!"
I thought for a moment, like most guys would, that she was flirting with me until she nodded at a rice filled bowl of American flags.
"If you pull a flag out from the bowl, you may get a discount on your purchase," she yawned.
"Can I Iose?" I'm not really up to losing at anything, right now," I yawned back!
"Ben, she said, just pull a flag, you can't lose!"
As I did, she said, " You pulled a winner... three dollars off on any purchase!"
"Happy Fourth of July, Ben," she said, as I put my change back into my wallet and a couple of bucks in the tip jar.
"Happy Fourth of July, Little Miss America!" I said...
"Happy Fourth of July!"

Copyright 2015/ Ben Bensen III

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