Thursday, October 22, 2015

"Money Laundering... I'm Once Again, Guilty!"

At least, it is clean money!
Good morning, all bodies. It's a Thursday, the last time I checked.
Once again, I'm guilty of money laundering. You'd think by now I would have learned my lesson, but to my surprise and horror, as I walked out of the parking lot to meet some friends, Pat and Bobby Zeller, for breakfast at Russell's Marina Grill, I noticed my wallet was no where in sight.
LIke a good New Orleanian, ( and after a momentary panic! ) I decided to not let relying on the "kindness of strangers"... or friends, ruin the possibility of a great breakfast and good conversation.
I had been ensconced for over four months in St. Francisville working on a film project, and all I could think about, every morning at breakfast, was eating at my favorite place in New Orleans for breakfast. 
"I'll worry 'bout 'dat, lay-dah, I thought to myself."
And I did, until we returned home late yesterday evening. In between innings of a horrible Cub's performance, I raced around searching for the ever elusive wallet, and found it somewhere between the seventh and eigth inning... 
I'm so embarrassed. A special thanks to Bobby Zeller, who completely believed my story, and treated Tee and me to breakfast. I owe you one, Pat and Bobby!
Second cup...!

Copyright 2015/ Ben Bensen III

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