Friday, March 11, 2016

" Fourteen Inches In Twenty-Four?"

Dey's trying to wash us away!
Good soakin' Friday morning, all bodies.
One report said we ( St. Tammany parish ) got 14 inches of rain in the last 24 hours. It is a testament to Gus's great breakfasts that had us struggling to get just five miles into the city for grub.
The main road from Merrywood Estates into Folsom was barricaded shut. I didn't know we had a low point on Hwy. 40 that would bury a car, but that's what happened. So, we turned around to find a back road to the major state highway to get to Gus's. 
What a mistake that was!
We fiorded two or three swamped roadways before giving up and turning back around. Ten minutes after driving through some high water on Million Dollar Road, ( I really don't know why they call it that... it doesn't look at all like Beverly Hills or Rodeo Drive! ) we returned to even higher water where Wildlife and Fisheries were unloading flat bottom boats to evacuate people from the Little Bogue Falaya that wasn't little anymore.
Luckily, we and a few other apparently hungry folks waded our cars out of the depths. Undaunted, the intrepid Bensen's, Pierre included, decided another route and found after driving all the way into Covington and turning back up north to Hwy. 25, we were able to get to Gus's in Folsom.
After we finished breakfast, we decided we'd better get back home before the other storm cell hits us. But before we left, I asked Gus how he arrived at his restaurant since he would have had to take the original road that totally swallowed that one car and he said, laconically," I waded!"
Oh that Gus!
Fourth cup...

Copyright 2016/Ben Bensen III

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