Sunday, February 28, 2021


Me Matey Mcmillin...

This little 9x12 goodie is for a friend of mine. It is entitled,"Me Matey Mcmillin." I hope he likes it. I've been back in the studio trying to find easy, fun things to paint. I've got four large paintings I started before Therese became ill and since then, I just haven't had the need or the energy to spend any more time in the studio than I had to. Just don't have the heart for it, right now.

But, in the last week or so, I took some advice, indirectly, from an illustrator turned fine artist, Craig Nelson, who was also an instructor I had at Art Center. It has helped put things in perspective... a bit!

Anyway, I painted a few pieces and tried to not get myself to attached until I accidentally ran into this photo. It looked to be lots of fun and with the exceptions of a few details, it was.

Hey Craig, I had planned to give this to you with many thanks, Monday, but Sunday, photographing it, I noticed two important details to fix. I apologize... I'm a nitpicker!

I wonder if anyone can spot the one important adjustment I made and the other two minor changes from the FB cover art I posted the other day?

For sure, Craig, let's meet today because a little birdie told me that today, Wednesday, February 24th is your birthday! What a coincidence!

Got together over a coffee with birthday boy, Craig Mcmillin, at GiddyUp yesterday to deliver the painting. He was touched, which is pretty cool to me. I apologized for not bringing the coffee mug Craig made for me a month or so ago. It was in the dishwasher. Craig forgave me for the ill timed decision.

We kicked around a bunch of subjects including solutions to my "painters version" of writer's block. Always enjoy our coffee conversations no matter where we are.

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