Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Dailey Series, Honda Generators and Such...

Never thought one day I'd have to own one!
One thing I know for sure, I did this ad and a bunch more for Don Gilles to present to Honda for print advertising. I did comps for brochures, spread and letter size magazine ads, flyers and you name it. I liked this rendering so much that I used it as a printed sample. I was given a picture of this generator and was instructed, by Don, to put it in an environment that was rural, moody with evening lighting. It had to have a nouveau styled camp condo look. Like a ski lodge, but in the summer and it had to be more vertical than the standard letter size ad.
This is what I came up with. Don loved it and so did Honda because it was printed. I thought the reflected light off of the generator top was an effective device to separate the foreground from the background and add more light to an already dark layout. No offense to the photographer who shot this scene, but my illustration was better.  Stupid me never asked for a copy. Smart me because I liked it enough to shoot some slides of the piece before letting it go!

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