Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Dailey Series/ The McCullogh Chainsaw Storyboard...

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This is a closeup of one of the frames I did for Mike Rydel at Dailey and Associates. The original size was 5"x7" with about a half inch bleed all around. The reproduction here looks a little too magenta, but I want the viewer to see how over the top I could get and how caught up I could get in the middle of the night with an early morning deadline. Check out the skin pores and the rain drops, but don't ask me why because I really don't know. I have always had a penchant for pushing myself / the envelope doing things that didn't always needed to be done... especially in a sales tool like a storyboard. I feel that I am not at all an abstractionist, but when you look close at some of my stuff, there's a lot more abstraction within the real. And, I like that!

Analyzing the overall piece, there are a few places that needed to be addressed in this wet environment and I would have taken it to completion, but I had ten other frames to complete for presentation. The brim of the cap underneath would be darker as well as below the chin and I could have accentuated the left side of his face by darkening the inside of his collar. Also, his left eye should not be so highlighted, but still, I love this piece for what it conveys, that is, a determined, against all odds guy who's gonna get the job done no matter what Mother Nature sends his way. I love the blues, the transparency of the raindrops rolling down his cap and his face. Also, I believe this was the first time I used a blender with a fine tip to get the driving rain instead of over painting with gouache.

Oh, if only I had had another hour to spend!

Copyright Ben Bensen III / 2011

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