Tuesday, November 26, 2013

A Three Rivers Sale… " Lazy Lagoon."

The question; to add the riggings, or to not!

The art festival in downtown Covington, LA, ended two weekends ago and, for me, there was much to learn about marketing your own fine art. I had the pleasure and good fortune to have a few local artists, guide me in the right direction. Most of my experience is from the advertising world and, I find, promotional material is pretty much done in a different way than fine art.

I didn't hesitate to display my commercial work, but most of it was in slideshow form on one of my laptops and it wasn't as effective as I had hoped mainly because of a computer preference which constantly went to sleep mid slideshow. A minor glitch, that will be rectified… next time around.

I really enjoyed talking to artists of all varied disciplines and getting their opinions and insights that come from years of participation in the many venues available. I found it interesting that all the artists I spoke with just loved talking about themselves, their experiences and their art. I was amazed how effective the placement of my paintings were to enhance a better traffic pattern in and around my booth. A large 2'x4' painting centered on the back portion of the booth caught everyone's attention whether they stopped for a better look or not, but  my "Little Yellow Truck"seemed to spark conversations more than any of the other works.

A good friend of mine told me it would… and she was right!

I did manage to sell one painting on the first day. Of the two sailboat paintings I showed, it is the one I like the best and, to tell the truth, it is still one of my favorites of all of my plein air efforts.  I entitled it, "Lazy Lagoon."

It was kinda how I felt at the time I painted it and I guess it came through in the painting!

Copyright 2013/ Ben Bensen III