Wednesday, January 1, 2014

"Ready Or Not, Here We Are...2014."

No resolutions till later, ha! 
Well, here we are, 2014, ready or not. 

I hope everyone at Paschal Sabatella's South Pasadena Villa survived. We use to have a tradition, of sorts, on New Year's Eve and Day. 

We'd walk, from our home, to go see how well the South Pasadena float entry to the Rose Parade was doing. Then, it would be over to Pascal's family bash which would go well past midnight. Great food, good friends, and lots of "Italy." It was fun. Tee, Brian and me, would then, get some shut eye till dawn and take off to see the floats lining up and finishing their last minute floral adjustments. We usually drove to a close spot, then walk the entire length of Orange Grove Avenue checking out the pre-parade scene.

Around 8 am or so, we'd go to our good friends house at the southern end of Orange Grove Avenue for Ramos' Phizzes, breakfast and the televised version of the parade.

By bowl game time, most of us were passed out in the Walker's living room or headed for home to sleep/watch football.

Good times, great memories...

Today...we're kinda laying low. Kinda overdosed on coffee and chocolate chip cookies while watching a game between Duke and Texas A&M.

No resolutions till later, ha!

Copyright 2014/ Ben Bensen III

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