Wednesday, April 6, 2016

"Might Be Too Bold For This Gallery!"

A Plein Air painting I just completed a few days ago."
So funny. I just sent a prospective gallery some of my latest Plein Air stuff just to let them know I am kinda producing. The gallery's retort was;
"Thank you for showing me what you are doing! Bright and graphic! Might be too bold for this gallery... Best of luck in Abita Springs."
Now, there's nothing wrong with that comment. It is really professional for them to even respond. Every gallery has their niche, and that's the beauty of art. I understand... I think there wrong, but I totally understand!
It does bring back a time when many of my friends and relatives were worried about me because many of my images were so dark and moody, and foreboding.
Entitled, " We Win."
"Who would want to have that in their homes?" my mother would say. She once, because I was in a funk about a guitar chord that I could not play, practically gave me permission to go to Bourbon Street and..."try to have a good time!"
Mothers... who can figure them out!
Galleries, too!

Copyright 2016/ Ben Bensen III

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