Tuesday, April 19, 2016

"She Totally Ignored My Paintings, But..."

Nice to know I've still got it!

This is great. This is really funny. I'm standing next to my five entries at the Abita Springs Plein Air show last night like a good marketeer just waiting to explain my work and one women comes by and peruses. So, classic me, I nudge her gently into a conversation...

Any conversation!

I really don't remember what we talked about. The weather, the event, the guitar player, which I didn't like the organizers' placement of the musician, the knoshes... I might have said something about my career, whatever. But, when there was a lull in the conversation, ( which inevitably happens! ) she looked at all five paintings, rather intently, and said...

"I really love your signature!" It is really awesome!" ( She actually used the word, "awesome." ) and it is so consistent on each painting!"
Never one to be at a loss for words, even at my own detriment, I said...
"You know a friend of mine ( Karen Kuchar ) said she loved my signature and wished she could create one like mine. She also wanted to know how I sign it in oil because it is so difficult to do."
With a nervous chuckle, I said, "I told Karen, I do it very carefully!"
She took a sip of her chardonnay, giggled and walked away.
That's the best of my marketing acumen, last night ...
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