Monday, June 10, 2013

Another In A Series of United Airline Watercolors...

Kinda goofy cockpit design!
National Air Transport, an early member of the United Air Lines, brought the rugged Travelair to their minimal fleet in 1927. NAT, a prime mail carrier, used the "5000" to add passenger revenue to its Mid-West hops.

In the first year of service, the three-to-five place aircraft carried a total of 1560 passengers adding handsomely to the profitability of the fledgling airline.  The "5000" designed by Clyde Cessna, made aviation history by winning the famous Dole Derby in 1927. The MA/5000, although used commercially by NAT, never did qualify for an Approved Type Certificate. It received the lesser Memo Approval 2-27 in 1929.

The "5000,"a champion in a long line of Travelairs, lives today only in black and white photos...

 and the accompanying watercolor art from Nixon Galloway.

Copyright 2013/Ben Bensen III 

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