Wednesday, June 19, 2013

"Nixon Galloway... Number Eleven In A Series"

Curtiss "Carrier Pidgeon"...
The Curtiss Carrier Pigeon One was a box-like structure that featured inter changeable upper and lower wing panels and horizontal and vertical tail surfaces. Powered by the war surplus 600 hp "Liberty" engine, the Pigeon looked about as aerodynamic as a steamer trunk.

When compared to the Model One, the Model II was considered a real beauty. Except for the name and size, the only point of resemblance was the fact that they were both biplanes and built by Curtiss. The big Model LL was powered by a geared-down 12 cylinder V-type "Conqueror" engine built by Curtiss-the same 600 hp engine that powered the earlier Falcon.

The thirty-four foot fuselage was built in three different sections and bolted together. the forward section was metal paneled aft to the cockpit. The upper wing span was nearly forty-eight feet and the total wing area was 553 square feet, comprising nearly 100 feet of wing. At cruising speed of about 125 mph, the Model II's range was nearly 600 miles.

NAT only purchased three Model II's to add to the fleet of all-mail Curtiss Falcons and the new Boeing"Ninety Fives."

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