Wednesday, June 5, 2013

"Best Seat In The House"...

The finished painting and the inspiration...
About one week ago, a friend and I were supposed to go to a local marina to paint, but the fickle evening weather had us just walking and talking about painting, our past and artists. In our conversations, my fellow artist mentioned subject matter and the importance of painting something that is worthwhile seeing. Normally, my verbosity gets in my own way, but this was a subject close to my heart.

So, I zipped my lips and listened.

Subject matter and entitling one's painting has always been an interesting topic for me. It's one thing to be proficient as a painter, and it is another to be able to approach your marketing skills with some savvy. Knowing what's trending is so important as is being knowledgeable about your "product" and your target audience. Knowing how to incorporate a title that is playful, humorous as well as informative, is also a big plus.

The adman in me just loves to come up with titles for my paintings... or anyone else's, for that matter.

When it started to rain, we hopped in my car and drove around. Carol, ever vigilant, spotted a small trail amongst the over growth and trees. It was located close to a lagoon that ran from the marina into a wooded state park. We slowed down, as the road curved, and talked briefly about the scene having some potential. We then, continued on with our conversation and perusal.

Three days later, I had some time to myself and decided to find somewhere to paint. I had about four hours to blow, but I couldn't stand the thought of being out in the hot sun, in the middle of the day, painting more boats. I had to find something interesting and one that was in the shade.

I decided to try to find that shaded trail that Carol and I had seen a few days before. I should have taken the location more seriously because I wasted almost an hour searching for it. When I found it, I parked the car and took off looking for something off the beaten path.

And I found it. It was just to the left of the original trail, so, I hiked it for about a hundred yards or so and came up to this dead end where someone had surreptiously place an old studio chair. With a few empty Heineken beer bottles and some cigarette butts laying close to the chair, I surmised that it was somebody's secret hide out.

A nearest faraway place...

I hiked back to the car and got my equipment. Besides being a great story to illustrate, it was very much in the shade and this is what I came up with.

Sometimes, you get lucky and sometimes you make your own!

Copyright 2013/Ben Bensen III

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