Sunday, June 23, 2013

"My Wife, The Beach, And The Marines' Touch And Goes!"

Marine Harrier similar to the one doing touch and goes...
So, two days ago, we stopped in Atlantic Beach, NC to see a friend's art show. His work inspired us to go to the boardwalk and spend time at the beach. 

While enjoying the sun and surf, I heard a jet fly by. You know, not just any commercial jet, but something that is almost gone before you hear it. As we cleaned the sand off our feet and started back to the car, I pointed out to my wife the tiny dark specks flying by in the sky.

Sitting in traffic one half an hour later, three Harriers roar across the top of our van. I almost jumped out of my seat.

"You wanna go check 'em out?"my wife asked. 

"See 'em do some touch and goes, maybe... What'dya think?"she asked.

"Nah," I said. "Once I get started doing that, we will never get to Washington!"

It turns out that the airbase was Cherry Point, MCAS near New Bern, NC where we had an early dinner and then took off for our "Nation's Capitol."

All evening long, I thought about what a mistake it was to deny my wife the pleasure of watching Marine Jump Jets as they perform "touch and goes!"

And later, she forgave me. What a gal!

Copyright 2013/Ben Bensen III

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