Friday, February 26, 2010

"Gawd Forbid!'

Hypoxia, hyperthermia, hyperventilation, spatial disorientation, trapped gas bubbles, valsalva techniques, parachute maneuvers, how to fall, tuck and roll, power lines, trees, water landing egress maneuvers, ejection seat concerns, O2 safety, g-forces, what to pull, what not to pull, and tons of what ifs... Finally, in the middle of our second day of orientation, Norm said, in his best Jewish mother imitation,"From now on, could you please preface any more possible catastrophes with a "God Forbid!"


  1. As the "Gawd Forbid" guy I thought it only appropriate after making a 71 year old guy go through all that for two days, showing him all the ways he could possibly die--then putting him on an aircraft that he was the only one older than, piloted by a 28 year old pilot and a 25 year old co-pilot, giving him the call sign of Moe of Three Stooges fame that somehow became Shmoe, watching an aerial refueling that shoulda taken 15 minutes, but took an hour and a half thanks to a half a dozen disconnects and reconnects, yes my friends: "Gawd Forbid" was definitely appropriate.

    I wiil say this, because I had the only truly functioning camera I was fortunate (or unfortunate) enough to have the jump seat between the pilot and co-pilot. My left knee pressing into the pilot's ejection seat, my right knee against the co-pilot's seat. "No ejection device with my seat. Any impending disaster I would be able to see coming at us. So would the pilot and co-pilot. After giving the "EJECT-EJECT-EJECT" command to the rest of the crew including Ben and Mickey (call signs Larry and Curley) the pilots would blow their hatches, yank the handles and triggers on their Aces II ejection seats and leave poor ShMoe in their rocket exhausts as they punched out.

    Obviously I would understand the meaning of "he's toast" as I would be fricassied while their chutes deployed and they would be on the ground in time to make the International Buffet at Sam's Casino.

    "Gawd Forbid"

  2. Hey Norm, I got the video of the refueling and such. Personally, I think it was well worth the pain you went through to provide us those great scenes.Nothing like sufferin' for your art. You should win an Oscar!