Friday, February 5, 2010

My feelings are hurt. Is there no love for the "Who Dats" and all they have accomplished from my SoCal friends? Got some props from Dick Henkel, Walter Lee, Mark McCandlish, Pascal Sabatella and, I think, that's about it! Being superstitious as I am to begin with, I don't wanna jinx forty-three years of frustration by bragging and talking smack about my team. So I kinda am laying low too busy sticking pins in my Peyton Manning voodoo doll to send Facebook and Linkedin shout outs. Geez, CAN I GET A WITNESS from all those SoCal friends who watched me suffer? Amen!


  1. You should have been here in Maryland. Because this state now hates the Colts, everyone I know has told me that they were rooting for the Saints. I was surprised by their excitement! I must admit that I felt a bit guilty since I've never paid a bit of attention to the Saints after all these years. But they do represent the city that I love so I hopped on the bandwagon and held on to the back of a dress that some guy was wearing. :)

  2. Yes, the head of the Air Force Art Program is a Baltimore native and rooted for the Saints because Peyton and the Colts beat his Ravens. The Ravens never had a chance... no offense, but I really didn't think the Saints had that much of a chance either. As with every other game they have ever played, you watch with guarded anticipation!