Friday, February 26, 2010

Where's da Monkee!

As part of our B-52 passenger training, we were given a six hour briefing on all the horrible things that could happen while on this mission. One of the tests to illustrate situational awareness was a video where we were given a task to concentrate on and report on what we saw. Norm, Mickey and I were expected to count how many times two teams of ball players passed the ball over to each other. I counted 15 passes for the black team, Mickey counted 17 passes for the white team and Norm said about 12 or 13. But Norm said what about the monkey? "Monkey?" I said, "What monkey?" Mickey inquired, totally confused, "I never saw a monkey... what are you talkin' about?"

On playback, plan as can be, a man in a gorilla suit walked across the screen, stopped, waved to camera and exited. It took about 10 seconds of a one minute video but Mick and I never saw him. Only Norm with that Bronx street cred, saw it. So, all through the 6 day tour, whenever I screwed up, he brought up "da Monkee".

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