Thursday, February 25, 2010

Wow, what a month! I never thought the Saints would ever get that far. And can you believe it? They won it all. Some folks, those who have jumped on the bandwagon this year or last year, just knew we would win it all and mildly chastise those of us who just aren't so quick to"Believe". They obviously haven't lived and died with each game since 1967. Their positive attitude is refreshing and encouraging, but totally unfounded. They just know we're gonna win because, well, "we deserve to win", "God's on our side", "it's our destiny", "KatrinaKarma".

Still, the really neat thing about being a Saint fan is that everyone is invited to the "nation" regardless of your mental "Who Dat" state. For us, it's all about celebrating life, for better or worse. Like life, it's everyone's tragi-comedy and believe no one played it better than the Saints!

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